Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Don't Buy a New House: Buy a New Home!

Winnipeg offers the best of both worlds, being a modern and vibrant city boasting all the mod-cons of modern urban life, a mere ten minutes away from a natural lake setting, tranquil and beautiful and bursting with wonderful samples of wildlife. The air in Winnipeg is beautiful and clear thanks to this proximity to nature and you are sure to enjoy all the fabulous outdoor attractions which include Falcon Lake, Grand Beach and Bird's Hill Park, to name just a few.

For those who prefer their entertainment within the confines of the city, there are pro-sports and sidewalk cafes, perfect venues to see, be seen and have a great time with friends, family or simply by yourself.

For those who enjoy more cerebral pursuits Winnipeg is not short of cultural venues. Start your children off early by visiting the Manitoba Children's Museum, and follow this up with excursions to the Manitoba Museum proper and places like the Western Canada Aviation Museum to learn all about the exciting early days of flight. Winnipeg also boasts its own orchestra, now nearly 60 years old and a popular feature of life in the city.

Schools and universities abound too, and all are of a consistent high quality, ensuring that you and your children will find a good fit for all your educational needs.

When you come to choose your home, we at Ascent Condos can help you to pick out the perfect home. We offer everything from bungalows to two- and three-story townhouses with anything from one to four bedrooms, depending on your needs.

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